Gallery 1000 Fine Art - Carmel-by-the-Sea, Palm Desert
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Gallery 1000
Gallery 1000 presents a distinctive selection of traditional and modern impressionistic oil paintings, sculptures and bas-relief in bronze, and drypoint engravings.
Eighteen years in the travel business and traveling around
the world influenced the selection of art.
Celebrating 24 years in Carmel and five years in Palm Desert, our focus on original, quality art by a cosmopolitan coterie of internationally renown artists from the United States, France, Italy, Spain, England, Poland, Holland, Russia, China and Canada continues to appeal to discerning art lovers and collectors.
Owner Maria J. Ward in emphasizing the quality rather than the quantity of gallery artists has developed a range of collectors that is a testament to the elegance and refinement of the art presented.

In 2004, Maria and Sam Ward opened a second Gallery 1000 in Palm Desert, CA. They ultimately realized being an absentee owner does not insure that rules and standards in operating their gallery would be observed by their employees. After five years, in October 2009, they decided to close the Palm Desert location.

Guido Borelli
Rosa Canto
Cavan Corrigan
Marcel Demagny
Michel Guyon
Jordan Hicks
Ming Hin
Barbara Jaskiewicz
Kelvin Lei
Paul Magendie
Geraldine McKeown
Nina Mikhailenko
Juan Naranjo-Torres
Lisa Palombo
Alain Pontecorvo
Pierre R. Renoir (bronze)
Robert Ricart
Hendrick B. Slotman
Jean-Claude TRON
J. Van der Put
Hans Van Moerkerken
Janine Wesselmann