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Featured Artists : Alain Pontecorvo (French)

Alain Pontecorvo

Alain Pontecorvo, a native and resident of France has been a professional artist since he sold his first painting in 1960 as a student in the Decorative Art School of Paris.

The art of Pontecorvo is well balanced, full of expression and with a rich mystery that is always found in authentic painting.  His art work is between a romantic and a modern realist, with his precision, emotional construction and freedom. 

His artwork can be seen in private collections worldwide and in the public collections of

       -  Musee d'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris

       -  Musee Olivier Brice (Montpellier)

       -  Musee d'Art Moderne de New York

Exhibitions:   1978 - Galerie, 8 rue de la Ferronnerri,Paris;  1979 - Participation at the Paul Louis Weiller Price, Francois Gob Gallery, 41 rue de Seine, Paris with Picasso, Wilfredo Lam and Survage;  1980 - Gallery Tellier, Rouen;  1981 - Gallery Ratie, Rouen;  1982 - Eroticism, la stile, "Artists of Maine Montparnasse";  1983 - Philippe Michel, Montpellier, France "Art in the City";  1985 - Grand Palais, Paris "Grande et Jeunes d'Anjourd'bui";  1994 - Rothschild Foundation, Paris;  1995-2000 - Gallery Marie-Jane Garoche, 33 rue de Seine, Paris;  2003 - Gallery des Arches, Paris;  2004 - Gallery Frederic Got, Saint Louis Isle, Paris;  2005 - Gallery Dautcourt, Bruxelles; July, Chateau de Chalais, France "Art in 10 Movements"; November Quai de Conti Institute, Paris "Women in the City";  2006 - Gallery Dautcourt, Bruxelles.

Gallery 1000 exclusively represents Alain Pontecorvo in California.

For more artwork by Alain Pontecorvo, please contact Maria Ward at:
Gallery 1000, Carmel, CA: 831-624-9094

Art Show by Alain Pontecorvo
"Art Show"
Original Oil   -   16" x 16"
Montparnasse by Alain Pontecorvo
Original Oil   -   24" x 24"
Le Jardin by Alain Pontecorvo
"Le Jardin"
Original Oil   -   21.75" x 32"
Woman at the Table by Alain Pontecorvo
"Woman at the Table"
Original Oil   -   18" x 21.5"
Art Show II by Alain Pontecorvo
"Art Show II"
Original Oil   -   15" x 24"
Sisters by Alain Pontecorvo
Original Oil   -   46" x 31.75"
Scene de Ville by Alain Pontecorvo
"Scene de Ville"
Original Oil   -   39" x 32"
City of Brusselles by Alain Pontecorvo
"City of Brusselles"
Original Oil   -   15" x 18"
l' heure du repas by Alain Pontecorvo
"l' heure du repas"
Original Oil   -   19" x 25.5"
Rose by Alain Pontecorvo
Original Oil   -   18.25" x 13"
Le Voiture by Alain Pontecorvo
"Le Voiture"
Original Oil   -   15" x 21.5"
Art Show I by Alain Pontecorvo
"Art Show I"
Original Oil   -   19" x 28.5"
Still Life by Alain Pontecorvo
"Still Life"
Original Oil   -   15" x 18.75"
Blvd Montparnesse by Alain Pontecorvo
"Blvd Montparnesse"
Original Oil   -   21" x 25"
Le Route by Alain Pontecorvo
"Le Route"
Original Oil   -   16" x 16"

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