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Featured Artists : Guido Borelli (Italian)

Guido Borelli

Guido Borelli was born in 1952 in Caluso, Italy where he still resides. Born into an artist family young Guido first discovered painting somewhere between the ages of 4 to 6 years old.  With the encouragement of his family he had his first personal art exhibit at age 17. 

He received his art training at Accademia Albertina, in Turin, which was founded in 1672, at the special request of the King.  Beginning with Guido's first exhibition a the Ars Plauda Gallery in Turnin, Italy in 1969 he has continued to have exhibitions around the world in Catania, Uruguay, Holland, Egypt, UK, Malta, Norway, Germany, USA, Spain, Russia, Bulgaria, France, Poland, Kenya and Japan.

"I am a true lover of nature and of everything gentle.  My landscapes and houses combine reality and imagination.  First, I store in my mind all  views that I find interesting.  Later, when I need a subject, those views resurface in my memory, and I paint what I selectively remember of them, with intrinsically personal modifications."  --  Guido Borelli

Guido's paintings are influenced by the Ilalian realistic style begginning in the 1900's, especially by the artists Boldini and De Nittis.  Inspired by the movement of shadows, his oil paintings reflect nature as their focal points depicting Italian landscapes, homes and villas of Northern Italy and the Alps.  His art work can be seen in public and private collections worldwide.

Gallery 1000 exclusively represents Guido Borelli in California.

For more artwork by Guido Borelli, please contact Maria Ward at:
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Lemura d'Orvieto by Guido Borelli
"Lemura d'Orvieto"
Original Oil   -   30" x 40"
Venezia e la Mimosa by Guido Borelli
"Venezia e la Mimosa"
Original Oil   -   20" x 28"
La curva sul Canale by Guido Borelli
"La curva sul Canale"
Original Oil   -   30" x 40"
La Case Rosse by Guido Borelli
"La Case Rosse"
Original Oil   -   24" x 16"
Il Bar Sulla Discesa by Guido Borelli
"Il Bar Sulla Discesa"
Original Oil   -   30" x 24"
Pitigliano Sulle Scale Verso d'Arco by Guido Borelli
"Pitigliano Sulle Scale Verso d'Arco"
Original Oil   -   30" x 40"
Il Canal Grande by Guido Borelli
"Il Canal Grande"
Original Oil   -   40" x 40"
Terra di Signa by Guido Borelli
"Terra di Signa"
Original Oil   -   30" x 40"
La Vigna Rossa by Guido Borelli
"La Vigna Rossa"
Original Oil   -   30" x 40"
Donna Con Cappello by Guido Borelli
"Donna Con Cappello"
Original Oil   -   32" x 32"
La Calata a Portofino by Guido Borelli
"La Calata a Portofino"
Original Oil   -   20" x 24"
Arco al Burio by Guido Borelli
"Arco al Burio"
Original Oil   -   12" x 16"
I Fori Sulla Strada by Guido Borelli
"I Fori Sulla Strada"
Original Oil   -   20" x 24"
Tende a Strisce by Guido Borelli
"Tende a Strisce"
Original Oil   -   24" x 30"
L'Alberto d'Autunno by Guido Borelli
"L'Alberto d'Autunno"
Original Oil   -   24" x 16"
Tra le Vigne a Montalcino by Guido Borelli
"Tra le Vigne a Montalcino"
Original Oil   -   30" x 40"
Stradina en Toscana by Guido Borelli
"Stradina en Toscana"
Original Oil   -   30" x 24"

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