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Featured Artists : Pierre R. Renoir (bronze) (French)

Pierre R. Renoir (bronze)

Pierre Roland Renoir was born on July 16th, 1958 in the Principality of Monaco almost four decades after his great-grandfather Pierre-Auguste Renoir died.

Pierre R. Renoir spent the early years of his life in Cagnes-sur-Mer. At the age of fifteen, he began to work on metallic plates using the dry-point engraving technique. In Saint Paul de Vence (a beautiful fortified medieval village situated near Nice, and a favorite place to many renowned artists), he developed his own very personal technique and unique style, with the direction of Mr. Henri Baviera, a Master engraver and friend of the family.

In 1981, he organized his first professional art exhibition in North America. Encouraged by the response and appreciation of the public, he increased his showings throughout Canada, the United States and Europe.

The "From Renoir to Renoir" series once again exposes Pierre's natural talents. His work directly reflects the respect given to his great-grandfather's masterful legacy. "I do not want to be another Auguste Renoir. I just want to have the chance of doing what I do, quietly and without pretension. I love my work with a passion; I do not require too much attention; I just want to be my own self."

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The Dance Trilogy by Pierre R. Renoir (bronze)
"The Dance Trilogy"
Bronze Bas-Relief
La Maternite by Pierre R. Renoir (bronze)
"La Maternite"
Bronze Bas-Relief   -   27" x 21"
Les Juenes Filles Au Piano by Pierre R. Renoir (bronze)
"Les Juenes Filles Au Piano"
Bronze Bas-Relief

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